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Most homeowners prepare for a disaster to the full extent of their capabilities. Water, food, flashlights, appropriate clothing, tools, first aid kit, medications are stacked and ready for the next power failure which everyone knows is inevitable. It will happen; the exact time of occurrence is just unknown. It’s also understood that these storm-related power failures will occur more and more and it is getting increasingly difficult to recover from disaster or weather-related power failures.

Recently, technological developments have produced a better option to the portable power generators that have been the primary back-up power source. Portable power generators can possibly produce lethal amounts of carbon monoxide if not used in the proper location and also require gasoline storage. A portable generator is superior to no back-up power at all, but it must be regularly checked to insure operation at critical times and it is tough to start in the dark. Additionally, anything needing power has to be individually connected and connections to the portable generator are limited, so one has to prioritize appliances. But a new day has come! Standby Generators in Manalapan FL, have become smaller, more efficient, quieter, and best of all, more affordable. Today, standby generators will be permanently installed as the air conditioner compressors are, on permanent pads on the ground, discreetly located on the sides of the buildings. In fact, to the casual observer, they may just be air conditioning units.

Standby Generators in Manalapan FL are easy on the eyes. They sit quietly and neatly, waiting to be called to duty. When there is a power failure, they automatically sense that the power is interrupted and turn from “standby” to “on” in seconds. When the power is returned the generators automatically return to stand by, again in seconds, and power disruptions are barely noticed, if noticed at all. The standby generators can be fueled by natural gas, if it is available as a power source, or liquid propane gas which is easily and safely stored. Both fuel sources supply the generators without any refueling by the owners.

Standby generators provide backup power so smoothly, power outages are often noticed only because homes in the neighborhood are dark while the home with the standby generator is lit and functioning normally. Operating costs are limited to scheduled maintenance, which is about the same price as servicing an HVAC system and fuel which is provided by a permanent supply line. Operation costs are also very low because the units turn on automatically only using fuel when it is needed. Permanently installed standby generators use fuel supplied by natural gas lines if available, or are connected to liquid propane sources. These back-up power sources are a permanent real estate improvement and add value and appeal to any home or business.