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A bad storm is not an unusual experience in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. When they happen, it’s also not uncommon to lose electrical power. Losing power isn’t a problem for a short period of time, but the reality is there’s always a chance you will lose power for a long time. This could result in the loss of food, air conditioning in the hottest months as well as an inability to operate life-saving medical devices. With a properly installed generator nothing has to change. The wait for the return of electrical power can be free of discomfort or health risks.

Difference Between Portable and Standby Generator

Using generators in Royal Palm Beach is a good idea. It’s important to understand there is a difference between the portable generators people can take camping, and a professionally installed standby generator. The more popular generators in Royal Palm Beach are the standby generator.

A portable generator provides a low quality of electricity. It can easily damage valuable electronic devices. Having a laptop, television and computers ruined because of using the wrong type of generator can be avoided.

The standby generators in Royal Palm Beach provide safety and operate automatically. A portable generator needs non-stop attention and requires a variety of extension cords. Continually replacing fuel increases the chance of a fire, hazardous fumes and more.

Residential Automatic Standby Generator Advantages

Standby generators in Royal Palm Beach that are properly installed by a professional will protect the owner from carbon monoxide poisoning. If the standby generators in Royal Palm Beach are run on natural gas or LP fuel, it will be more cost effective than using gasoline. It will also not be required to be refilled.

Standby generators in Royal Palm Beach will automatically turn on seconds after the power goes out. There is no need to try and find a portable generator, and all the necessary extension cords in the dark.

Standby generators in Royal Palm Beach provide electrical power around the clock. If a parent is not home, their teenage children don’t need to worry about being without power during a storm. Once the electrical power comes back on, the standby generator will automatically turn off, and be ready for the next time power is lost.

Why Use a Generator Installation Company?

Standby generators in Royal Palm Beach should be installed by a professional. They can make certain the installation is in compliance with all municipal ordinances as well as local building codes. Having a professional installation will provide the home owner with peace of mind. They’ll know their standby generator will operate properly in an emergency.

A standby generator will require periodic maintenance. The oil and filters will need to be changed, as well as tune-ups and inspections performed. The company doing the installation will usually provide a maintenance agreement.

There are many things to worry about during a bad storm. With a standby generator properly installed in a home, losing power doesn’t have to be one of them.