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Homeowners and businesses alike are depending on standby generators to get them through the harsh times when the electricity goes out. Hurricanes do not care if people are prepared or not to lose their electricity. Assurance Power Systems does care about your family and business. Generators in Sunrise will give your family or business the security needed when the electricity goes out and comfort to get through the bad storms.

Generators in Sunrise are designed for residential, industrial and commercial use to cover all sorts of emergencies. APS has all the expert electricians and installers for any size standby generator for homes or businesses. When buying generators in Sunrise, people can rely on APS to install an affordable and safe unit to match any size budget.

Permanent standby generators run on liquid propane or natural gas as their fuel source. They are relatively small, but generate enough electricity to run appliances, computers, and lights to help keep a business or home running without interruption.

How to Protect your Home of Business from Possible Loss of Power.

Businesses and homes can be protected by a generator that has an automatic turn on systems, which will come on within ten seconds of loosing power. The turn on switch works in combination with the voltage, that is already coming into the home or business. When the electricity goes out, the transfer switch works like a toggle switch and turns on the generator. The generators are easy to install. Many units come pre-wired with a transfer switch and their own mounting pad. Many of the models release only small amounts of emissions into the air and use less fuel. Standby generators are environmentally friendly, run clean and assure the owner of a smooth transfer of electricity when power is lost.

Professional Generator Maintenance and Repair

Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, generators in Sunrise will need remedial and preventive maintenance. Homeowners and businesses can depend on Assurance Power Systems to take care of all your needs. Professional technicians are thoroughly trained to seek out any problems and fix them right the first time. Preventative maintenance check-ups will keep your unit running smoothly and spot any problems before they turn into major repairs. Professional technicians are trained by the factory and have hands on training with both residential and commercial generators. The experts service all major brands and are available 24/7 for all emergency calls.

Businesses can be assured of professional service from experts who will analysis the use of a generator for their business and determine the right size and product for each business. APS will make sure that all permits are pulled for the installation and the unit complies with all local and national codes.

Homeowners and businesses will benefit greatly with a standby generator that kicks in for any reason when power is lost. When power is lost and a building is damp, mold can grow within three days and be dangerous to all occupants. Residential and business owners should call Assurance Power Systems, for all their generator needs to keep their buildings and homes safe, and secure, through any kind of storm or power outage.