Kohler In Power Since 1920

What is special about a Kohler Dealer?

When you turn to Assurance Power Systems as a Kohler Dealer for your home generator needs, can take comfort in knowing you’ve made the right choice. That’s because Kohler Dealers must consistently meet high standards for service and customer satisfaction.

Premium service

When it comes to delivering quality service, Assurance Power Systems as a Kohler Dealers realizes that actions speak louder than words. So instead of just talking quality, we practice it through listening and responding to your needs.

Premium Products

As partners with the leading name in home comfort, Assurance Power Systems offers some of the best products available in the industry, including products from Kohler.

Premium Satisfaction

To earn and maintain this designation as a Kohler Residential Dealer, Assurance Power Systems must participate in an independent Customer Satisfaction program. This provides customers with the opportunity to objectively evaluate their performance. Only those that achieve and continue to meet these high standards can identify themselves as a Kohler Residential Dealer.

The High Cost of Losing Power

As a homeowner, protecting your home is always top of mind. It is your biggest asset, and unpredictable
power outages are a threat. They can lead to flooded basements, freezing pipes that may burst and even
mold. Ensure your home always has power with a Kohler home standby generator. It stands guard
24/7, making sure you have power when you need it the most

Trusted Protection During Unpredictable Weather

The frequency in severe weather has led to an increase in power outages. More than ever, you
need to be prepared. Without power, your everyday modern essentials are rendered useless.
Think about it, you’ll have no lights, heating or cooling, or refrigeration. You can’t even charge
your cell phone. But when you have a Kohler home standby generator, you will have power
when you need it the most. It’s time to get serious about preparing your home.

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