Generac Air Cooled 8-22kW Owner's Guide


In order to maximize the reliability of your standby generator system, Assurance Power Systems suggests you familiarize yourself with your Owner's Manual. Standby Generators are complex machines with many moving (and non-moving) parts. Assurance Power Systems performs scheduled maintenance in accordance with our Scheduled Maintenance Agreements. However, we only service your generator 2, 3 or 4 times per year depending on your plan. It is suggested that you regularly check the generator system and the area around it to ensure it is clear of debris, vegetation, moisture, or anything else that can impede its operation. The most important task you can complete is listening to the weekly exercise cycle. If you think that you may not be able to consistently listen to the exercise cycle and monitor your generator, we recommend our GenStar remote monitoring system. GenStar will send you a weekly status report ensuring you are always up to date with your generator.

1. Document your equipment:


2. Battery

Battery Info: Group 26R, 12V, Minimum 540 CCA. Stationary batteries last an average of 2.5-3 years in Florida. We recommend replacing your battery every 2 years to ensure your battery is always fresh. The #1 cause of generators failing to start is a failed battery. Our Gold and Platinum service plans include battery replacement every 2 years for your convenience.

3. Auto/Off/Manual Switch


The Auto/Off/Manual Switch The most import button for you to be familiar with on your generator is the Auto/Off/Manual switch. Almost all generator systems, regardless of manufacturer and size, have an Auto/Off/Manual switch. This switch controls the functionality of the generator and can be used to clear alarms and get your system back up and running. TO CLEAR AN ALARM: PUSH THE SWITCH TO "OFF" THEN BACK TO "AUTO".

AOM switch

3. Service Schedule




4. Checking Engine Oil


5. Troubleshooting Guide


6. Quick Reference Guide


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