Home Generator Installation in South Florida

Residential Generator Installation in Boca Raton

Home Generator installations require multiple experienced skills and trades to ensure your standby generator provides years of protection for your household.  Most municipalities require an electrical permit, gas permit, and structural permit. Assurance Power Systems has General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, and Gas Contractor licenses to ensure all work is done in house from start to finish - we are the only truly turnkey generator installer in Florida.

Generator Installation permits can take from 1-8 weeks depending on the municipality and time of year. Most standard home generator installations are completed within 7-10 days, but can vary depending on the amount of inspections required and time of year. Our sales team is well versed in the specific requirements of your local building department. 

Choosing the right home generator installation contractor can mean the difference between a smooth installation, or one that goes into the “black hole” of permitting.

Why Choose Assurance Power Systems? Dare to Compare!

Assurance Power Systems is the largest, most reliable, and most experienced generator installation contractor in Florida.

  • Installer for Home Depot
  • Installer for Lowes
  • Rated “Best-In-Class” by Generac
  • Generac Premier Dealer
  • Generac Industrial Dealer
  • Kohler Residential Dealer
  • Kohler Industrial Dealer
  • Complete Licensing – Electrical (EC13005378), Gas (LP21950), Plumbing (CFC1429212), and Generator Contractor (CGC1517138)
  • Over 5,000 customers served in South Florida
  • Wide service area including Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Parkland and Gulf Stream
  • Largest service staff in Florida
  • Dedicated project management staff
  • Full benefits company – our employees care!
  • 100% turnkey solutions provided by in-house personnel

 Assurance Power Systems Home Generator Installation Highlights:

  • Professional turn-key generator installations
  • We attain all permits
  • Custom engineered prefabricated or poured concrete slabs
  • Dedicated customer support office staff
  • Complete system design and CAD drawings from our proprietary GenSizer tool

Standby Generator System Packages

As the awareness of standby generator systems continues to rise, so does the technology.  Assurance Power Systems is at the forefront of the latest technology and will design and install an automatic standby generator system to meet your needs.  The following chart summarizes the spectrum of standby generator system options.  

Standby Generator Packages

Basic Necessity Standby Generator

Whole House Standby Generator

Whole House Standby Generator

Generac CorePower 7kW Generac 22kW Generator Generac 48kW Generator


  • Basic Necessity Packages - For those who are only concerned with the basics, the Basic Necessity Packages will powe smaller appliances and keep you out of the dark. You may need to stagger appliance and utility usage so as not to overload the generator.


  • Whole House Managed Loads Packages - Provides the greatest value because you can power your ENTIRE house at a reasonable price. The key to these standby generator packages are the load management controllers in the automatic transfer switch. These controllers will manage electrical usage for you to ensure your home generator does not become overloaded.


  • Whole House Loads Packages - For homeowners who want absolutely no interruptions to their lives when the power goes out, our Whole House Lods Packages deliver. These home generators can power your entire house so you and your loved ones can stay comfortable during outages.


Whatever your desired level of protection, Assurance Power Systems can design and install an automatic standby generator system to meet your needs.


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