Assurance Power Systems recognizes the need to protect your investment from the harsh corrosive effects of high salt concentrations on metal surfaces in a coastal environment. Many metal surfaces have a microscopically thin surface layer occurring when oxygen is bonded to one or more electropositive atoms which aids in the protection of the metal surface from corrosion.

However salty sea air, or more specifically the “chloride” component of salty air inhibits this microscopic layer from adequately protecting the underlying metal and is evidenced in the form of rust in iron structures, and pitting on aluminum surfaces. The heat and high humidity of the South Florida coast has been deemed to be one of the most corrosive environments in the entire United States.

Assurance Power Systems has created a special Coastal Package designed to help minimize the need for expensive repairs or replacement caused by salt air corrosion to your vital systems.

Here’s what we do in our Coastal Package:

We completely disassemble the enclosure, exhaust system, and radiator. We then apply a polymer epoxy coating to the frame rail and cross members, apply a high temperature ceramic coating to the complete exhaust assembly, apply dielectric grease to all electric connections, and treat the radiator with an aluminized aerospace grade coating that prevents oxidation of the base metals while still promoting proper heat transfer. Once this is all completed, we completely reassemble the generator.

Steel Frame Rail and Cross Members

While we only recommend Aluminum Enclosures for generators, the frame rail and structural cross members are made of steel and vulnerable to corrosion and rust. If this rust and corrosion isn’t treated constantly, it can lead to premature failure and drastically shorten the lifespan. We apply a proprietary epoxy coating on the steel frame rail and all cross members to prevent rust before it starts.

Exhaust System

The muffler and exhaust piping are made of steel that can rust rapidly once exposed to the moist and salt air. We disassemble the exhaust system and treat all components with a high temperature ceramic coating. This coating can withstand the high engine temperatures and still provide a substantially longer life to your exhaust system.


For systems with liquid cooled engines, the radiator is a critical component. If the integrity of the radiator is compromised, it can affect its ability to maintain proper engine temperatures. This can cause the engine to overheat and shut your generator down. We treat the radiator with an aluminized aerospace grade coating that prevents oxidation of the base metals while still promoting proper heat transfer.

Electrical Connections

There are a lot small electrical components and connections that make a generator work. We clean all electrical connections, harnesses, and components and apply dielectric grease to prevent oxidation.

Assurance Power Systems understands that the key factor in extending the life of your generator is proper product selection and maintenance. Our Coastal Package picks up where manufacturers leave off by shielding your generator from the damaging properties of salt air.

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