Directional Boring Service

APS Directional Boring Price List

Effective 10/1/11

All utilities need to be marked prior to digging or boring. If a current line locate ticket isn’t provided for the requested property, APS will call prior to starting work.

APS is not responsible for:

  • Cracks to concrete surfaces
  • Vibration damage to interior and exterior personal property
  • Damage to unmarked private utilities along the bore path including other sleeves, irrigation, conduit, sewer laterals, etc.
  • Shifting or settling of interlocking paver surfaces
  • Landscaping of any kind

Pricing excludes:

  • Concrete or asphalt patching
  • New sod
  • Landscape restoration


Price Per Foot (Single Bore)

Price Per Foot (2nd Sleeve in Same Hole)

½” SCH 40 PVC 



¾” SCH 40 PVC



1”-1 ¼” SCH 40 PVC 



2” SCH 40 PVC



2 ½” SCH 40 PVC



3” SCH 40 PVC 



Minimum Charge



Note: Soil conditions, e.g. limestone, coral, other rock materials, may not be conducive to directional boring. If such conditions are encountered, and APS cannot successfully complete the entire bore path, the minimum charge will apply or the actual completed footage, whichever is greater.