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Preparing for Hurricane Season 2024: Readying Your

Hurricane season is almost here again. If you’re a Floridian, you know what that means: A severe storm or even a major hurricane could hit in your area at any time during the summer months and beyond. In fact, a rare early tropical depression has already popped up in the Atlantic back in late April, although the official hurricane season is May 15 through November 30. According to NASA, there is no stronger storm on earth than a hurricane. They can create floods, torrential downpours, wild whipping winds, and yes, the dreaded power outages. Ensuring that your home or small business has power no matter how bad the storm may be at the top of your hurricane preparedness to-do list. So, here are a few hurricane preparedness tips for protecting your family during hurricane season:

1. Backup Generator

Installing a backup generator, if you don’t already have one, it should be an integral part of your plan for preparing for hurricane season 2024. That way, when the power goes off, your standby power goes on. No more spoiled food, no more candles, no more scurrying to find a flashlight. Your generator will make hurricane season not only much safer but also more comfortable.

2. Family Disaster Plan

Hurricane preparedness should include a family disaster plan for your family. It should have some significant details on the evacuation of your home if it should become necessary, where you will all meet up if you become separated, and how to stay in close communication with each other. And don’t forget to make a plan for your pets, too. Have food, treats, a leash or pet carrier, dog bed, and a favorite toy to keep him or her calm at the ready just in case. Also don’t forget important documents, not just for your pet but also for your entire family. Keep them in a waterproof container. Even a large Ziploc bag will work. Just keep them handy and keep them dry

3. Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Put together an emergency kit for your home with a few basics like some non-perishable food items, medications, plenty of bottled water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight or two, and either a hand crank or battery-operated radio for weather updates. Make sure to stock plenty of extra batteries, too. Needless to say, if you have your own standby generator in your home, you can get all of the weather forecasts from the weather channel on TV, not to mention the fact that all of your food will still be frozen or refrigerated and the kids will be less cranky since they can still watch TV. Though the wind may be howling outside, nothing soothes like uninterrupted television and a bowl of ice cream

So, don’t wait until hurricane season is in full swing. Act now and be proactive in preparing for hurricane season 2024. Give us a call today at for a  free quote  on a backup generator for your home because, at Assurance Power Systems, we want you and your family to be as safe and comfortable as possible no matter how bad the weather gets.

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