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Gas Line & Gas Generator Services in South Florida

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With nearly two decades of experience serving the South Florida community, expect best-in-class generator and electrical services from Assurance Power Systems.
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Why Own A Generator

Still not sure about purchasing a generator yet? There are countless benefits of owning a generator, especially in South Florida.

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Choosing a Generator

When you need assistance choosing a generator, we have you covered. Consider brands and generator types to find the perfect fit.

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Why Choose Assurance

We are a one-stop shop, offer top-notch generator services in Delray Beach, FL and beyond. Don’t settle for less, go with South Florida’s best.

Keep Your Generator Fueled With Gas Line Installation in Delray Beach, FL

A gas line is a pipe that connects a main gas supply to any individual gas-powered appliances throughout your home, including a generator. It is a convenient way to hook your generator up to a natural gas source. Whether you want a new gas line installed or need to replace an old one, Assurance Power Systems can assist you.

We specialize in gas line installation in Delray Beach and other South Florida cities. We have developed this skill due to our focus on gas generators, but gas lines can benefit other appliances in your home, like water heaters, furnaces, and stoves. Plus, we have six gas and propane technicians on staff, as well as Gas and Plumbing licensing, proving our credentials many times over.

What is the Benefit of a Gas Line?

A gas line installation in Delray Beach will make it possible to own a gas-powered generator, as well as any other gas appliances you may have on your wishlist. Note that it is usually necessary to have a dedicated gas line for your generator so that it can receive enough fuel to run. However, multiple gas lines can be added to one property to accommodate higher usage.

Let’s walk through the benefits of adding a gas line:

Not every home will be right for a gas line. Some properties in South Florida do not present the best conditions for underground pipe installations, so it is important to consult with Assurance Power Systems before you commit to purchasing a generator. We will walk you through the process from start to finish and determine whether or not it makes sense to install a gas line or pursue an alternative fuel source, like propane tanks.

Benefits of Owning a Generator

A generator is a major purchase, but one that comes with countless benefits. The most obvious is that you will not lose access to power during an outage, but think about how many appliances and systems you rely on that use electricity: air conditioning, medical devices, garage doors, water heaters, wifi, and the list goes on.

The team at Assurance Power Systems is happy to answer your questions about the benefits of generators and provide first-hand accounts of successful installations.

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Why Install a Gas Generator

Installing a gas generator in Delray Beach or the surrounding community in South Florida will be one of the best investments you can make in your home, safety, and comfort. When you add a gas generator to your property, you will immediately reap the following benefits:

Continuous, Automatic Power

Don’t lose access to power for a moment. With a portable or other manual generator, you will need to turn it on when the power goes out. A gas generator connected to your natural gas line will automatically turn on as soon as the power goes out.

Long-Lasting For Multi-Day Outages

Some generators are battery-powered and will lose charge during longer outages. It is risky to rely on power sources like these, especially when we experience extended power outages as a result of hurricanes in Florida. Gas generators are the most reliable sources of electricity during an outage.

Keep Your Property Safe

If a power outage is brought on by natural causes, it is likely that there are rough weather conditions outside. Whether this involves rain and flooding or extreme heat and humidity, it’s extremely helpful to have a gas generator in Delray Beach. Your HVAC system will still run, giving you access to climate-controlled air, and you’ll still have a functional sump pump, critical for any flood risks.

Stay Healthy and Comfortable

Maintaining a base level of comfort during a storm is priceless. A generator hooked up to a gas line will allow you to do this without thinking about it, while those without generators scramble for accommodations.
Contact Assurance Power Systems today to discuss your options for gas line installation in Delray Beach or elsewhere in South Florida, so you can power your gas generator for years to come.

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