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Generator Installation in Delray Beach: Power Your Home Through Any Outage

Losing power can be stressful and disruptive. Whether the power loss is due to a storm, an accident, or planned maintenance, a backup generator can ensure your home stays comfortable and operational. But before you can enjoy the peace of mind of reliable backup power, proper generator installation in Delray Beach and the surrounding communities is crucial.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps of generator installation, from choosing the right system to final inspections and maintenance tips. The experts at Assurance Power Systems are also happy to answer any questions you may have about the generator installation process. We have been in business since 2005 and have since served over 8,000 customers in the South Florida area. Call us at 561-816-2192 to speak with a member of our team or request a consultation today!

Benefits of Owning a Generator

A generator is a great asset to your residential property, especially during hurricane season in Florida. You never know when a storm will impact your access to power, and a generator installation in Delray Beach will take the guesswork about whether or not you’ll be able to go about your normal daily activities. Here are some of the benefits of generator ownership you will notice as early as the first use:

Selecting Your Generator

A generator is a meaningful investment and the selection process is important. That’s why the team of experts at Assurance Power Systems guides you through it. Give us important information, like the size of your home, and we’ll suggest options for generators that meet your needs.

Our Generator Buying Guide only takes a few minutes to fill out and will start you on the path to choosing and installing a new generator.

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Choosing the Right Generator

The first step in the process of generator installation in Delray Beach is selecting a generator that meets your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like:

Permitting and Regulations

Our team will help you understand your local building codes and regulations for any permit requirements or restrictions on generator installation. This ensures your system complies with safety standards and doesn’t violate any local ordinances.

At Assurance Power Systems, we have decades of experience working with local municipalities to procure the required permits. Your HOA may also have specific requirements, which we can assist with as well. The permitting process takes time and must be completed before we can begin generator installation in Delray Beach, FL or your South Florida city.

Professional Generator Installation

Generator installation requires specialized knowledge and experience. Hiring a qualified electrician ensures a safe and proper set-up. Professionals will pay attention to the following:

Inspection and Testing

Once the installation is complete, a thorough inspection and testing are vital to ensure your generator is working as expected. We’ll check to see that the generator operates correctly and generates the desired output, so your appliances and electronics run as expected when the generator turns on.

The Assurance Power Systems team will also critically check for safety compliance to verify all connections and installations meet safety standards. This includes your electrical connection, the transfer switch, and any gas line connections. As part of our safety check, we will also test carbon monoxide levels and ensure there are no leaks from the generator.

After Installing Your Generator

Once your generator is deemed safe and functional, you will be able to begin using it. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is required to take care of your generator, including checking oil levels and running your generator to ensure it works as expected. Assurance Power Systems aims to be a partner not just in generator installation, but also in ongoing care and maintenance.

By understanding the essential steps and considerations for generator installation in Delray Beach, FL and the surrounding South Florida communities, you can ensure your home remains powered and comfortable even during an outage. Remember, professional installation is crucial for safety and optimal performance.

Contact Assurance Power Systems today to discuss your generator installation needs and enjoy the peace of mind of reliable backup power. We are certified dealers for both Generac and Kohler, and offer Briggs and Stratton generators as well. Our team includes a full project management staff, as well as the largest service team of any organization of our kind in Florida. We have the resources and longstanding knowledge you need throughout the generator installation process, from early consideration to post-installation maintenance.

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