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About Our Generator Services

With over 5,000 customers from Jupiter to Hollywood, and the largest generator service staff in all of South Florida, Assurance Power Systems provide 100% turnkey generator solutions performed entirely by our experienced in-house personnel. We will never tell you to call anyone else for anything related to generators. We are a truly specialized generator company. We are Assurance Power Systems - America's Premier Generator Service Provider!

Assurance Power Systems specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of commercial standby generators and emergency home backup generators. We are experts in the national and local codes that govern the installation of standby generators. Don't go at it alone, let Assurance Power Systems design and install a safe and affordable standby generator system for your South Florida home or business TODAY!

Get The Facts

  • What is an automatic standby generator? +

    An automatic standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates whether you are at home or away. It automatically supplies power to your home or business within 30 seconds of detecting a utility failure. After utility power returns, an automatic standby generator shuts itself off and awaits the next outage. It operates on natural gas or liquid propane and sits outside your house or business just like a central air conditioning unit. Automatic standby generators are especially useful in areas like South Florida where severe weather and hurricanes frequently Read More
  • Why should I buy an automatic generator instead of a portable? +

    While portable generators do supply power, the poor quality of the electricity can damage your sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, and televisions. A professionally installed standby generator provides a level of reliability and safety unmatched by portable generators. Standby generators operate automatically as you weather the storm in safety. On the other hand, portable generators require constant attention, the use multiple extension cords and frequent refueling, increasing the risk of hazardous fumes, fire and electric shock. During a utility power outage, an automatic standby generator provides numerous advantages over Read More
  • How do I size my generator? +

    The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power! Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks (especially in South Florida). What would you like your living conditions to be? Assurance Power Systems takes the guesswork out of generator sizing with our GenSizer™ tool. GenSizer™ allows you to determine what size generator meets your needs. Our design professionals and sales associates use GenSizer™ to design your residential or commercial generator system and create load calculations and riser Read More
  • Enclosures +

    In addition to its sturdy galvanneal steel enclosure with RhinoCoat™, Generac is one of the few companies to offer premium aluminum enclosures for its residential standby generators. Aluminum enclosures are naturally rust and corrosion resistant. For salt air or high humidity conditions—like those found along South Florida’s coastal cities like Boca Raton and Boynton Beach—aluminum is highly recommended to ensure decades of worry free service. Here's an example of a steel generator installed in a harsh salt air climate - the enclosure is literally falling apart! This is what happens across Read More
  • Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled +

    Air-cooled generators come with engines that use fans to force air across the engine for cooling, while liquid-cooled generators use enclosed radiator systems for cooling, similar to an automobile. Generally, liquid-cooled engines are used on larger kW generators due to the larger engines required for the higher power output. Read More
  • Do they have to be maintained? +

    Just like your car engine, residential standby generators need periodic oil and filter changes, as well as inspections and tune-ups. Assurance Power Systems' preventative maintenance agreements take care of all your maintenance and service needs. Whether you’re in Wellington or Parkland, Cooper City or Palm Springs, Assurance Power Systems provides generator maintenance services to a majority of the South Florida area, just give us a call! Read More
  • Does it need to be professionally installed? +

    A professional installation ensures you will comply with all building codes and municipal ordinances. Residential and commercial standby generators produce high voltage electricity, and if improperly installed, can result fire or electrical shock. Proper installation ensures an increased reliability factor, assuring you that you will always have standby power when you need it most. Call an experienced Assurance Power Systems representative today for all of your South Florida generator needs! Read More
  • Lifespan +

    Because Generac engines were developed specifically for generators and designed to provide approximately 3,000 hours of use, with typical usage and proper maintenance an automatic standby generator can provide in excess of 30 years of service. Assurance Power Systems provides installation and maintenance services to most of South Florida, and has proudly been named “Best In Class” among all Generac Generator dealers in the United States! Example: Weekly exercise time (11 hours per year) plus four 20 hr. outages (80 hrs/year) equals 91 hours of operation per year OR over Read More
  • Can a standby generator replace my utility service +

    No... The generator fuel costs would be much more expensive than buying power from the utility company since their cost to produce electricity is divided among thousands of customers.   Read More
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Client Testimonials

"I thought you would be happy to know how impressed I was with all the staff that worked on my home for the generator installation. I love a company where all the staff love what they are doing...
We congratulate Assurance Power Systems for their significant commitment to their customers and for being the best of the best. Ryan Jeske, Vice President Sales, Generac Power Systems
Ryan Jeske
Ryan Jeske
Bonnie & I want to thank you and all your staff for the professional and courteous manner that all your work was done, and all problems addressed in a timely manner. It would be my pleasure to...
Lester Clayton
Lester Clayton
The purpose of my email is to let you know how pleased I was about 4 weeks ago when we had a power line go down which shut down our neighborhood for over 10 hours.
David Fredrickson
David Fredrickson
Dear APS, Just a short note to tell you what a pleasure it was to deal with APS. Everyone who showed up at our project was a polite, well spoken, timely and knowledgeable. Best of all, the...
Ted Lange
Ted Lange


Find Out Why We’re the Best in the Business

Assurance Power Systems was named “Best In Class” among all Generac Generator dealers in the United States. Read more

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    Reason #1 of 100 You Need a Generator: Security

    We all think about our security. Many of you have a security system.  Most of you lock your doors and windows.  How about keeping a few lights on when you're not home?  Imagine how vulnerable you would feel if you couldn't complete these basic security tasks! Automatic standby gene ...

    by Will
    Sunday, 21 June 2015
  • Generac Revamps Liquid-Cooled Product Portfolio

    Generac has revamped its liquid-cooled product line, which includes the Guardian and QuietSource generators ranging from 22-60 kW. The change will offer improved features, reduce installation costs, and provide a full-range, all-encompassing offer. The converison to the Protector Series has begun, b ...

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    Thursday, 18 June 2015
  • Assurance Power Systems Named Home Depot Generator Installer

    Assurance Power Systems is honored to be selected by The Home Depot as the generator installer for Palm Beach and Broward counties.  You can request an estimate at the Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lake Park, Davie, Boynton Beach, Oakland Park, Sunrise, Jupiter, ...

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    Saturday, 06 June 2015
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    The Time To Prepare For The 2015 Hurricane Season Is Now!

    Although the official start to hurricane season is still just under a month away, experts at The Weather Channel Professional Division are already forecasting a “relatively quiet” tropical season for the east coast. With nine named tropical storms and six hurricanes predicted for the 2015 hurrican ...

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    Friday, 08 May 2015
  • Generator history

    Generator History Before and After

    Then and Now The grandfather of today’s modern generator systems was invented in 1831 by British chemist and physicist Michael Faraday. Named the Faraday disc in honor of its inventor, this groundbreaking technology was produced after Faraday came up with arguably one of his greatest discoveries, ...

    by admin
    Wednesday, 11 June 2014
  • The Costs and Consequences of Corporate Downtime

    No matter how you look at it, the benefits of investing in power backup solutions to protect critical systems far outweigh the astonishing price tag related to downtime.  With the ability to cause irreparable damage and irretrievable loss of revenue in a matter of minutes, downtime has the powe ...

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    Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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    Install A Generator - Add Value to your House

    Install A Generator - Add Value to your House Whether you’re looking to sell your house or simply seeking to make lasting, cost-beneficial improvements, there are a number of ways you can add value to your home. A house is a major investment, even in times of economic uncertainty, and a well-main ...

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    Tuesday, 27 August 2013
  • Power Generators for Home - Options For A Home Backup Generators

    Power Generators for Home - Options For A Home Backup Generators In the last few years, thunderstorms, tornados, and hurricanes have caused widespread power outages leaving thousands of people with power. Power outages can last for days, even weeks causing a loss of air conditioning, heat, refriger ...

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    Monday, 19 August 2013
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    Power Generators For Home - A Buyers Guide

    Power Generators For Home - A Buyers Guide What is an automatic standby home generator? An automatic standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates whether you are home or away. Within seconds of an outage, it automatically supplies power directly to your home’s electrical circui ...

    by Will
    Monday, 12 August 2013
  • Sychronizing the Generac Advanced Wireless Remote Monitor

    The Generac Advanced Wireless Monitor can lose signal from time to time.  Follow these steps to synchronize the display and generator. Open the lid on the generator, turn the AUTO/OFF/MANUAL switch to the "Off" position and remove the 7.5A control panel fuse. Make sure the [3] AAA batteries ...

    by Will
    Monday, 18 March 2013
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