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Generator Maintenance in South Florida

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With nearly two decades of experience serving the South Florida community, expect best-in-class generator and electrical services from Assurance Power Systems.
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Why Own A Generator

Still not sure about purchasing a generator yet? There are countless benefits of owning a generator, especially in South Florida.

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Choosing a Generator

When you need assistance choosing a generator, we have you covered. Consider brands and generator types to find the perfect fit.

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Why Choose Assurance

We are a one-stop shop, offer top-notch generator services in Delray Beach, FL and beyond. Don’t settle for less, go with South Florida’s best.

How to Keep up with Generator Maintenance in Delray Beach & South Florida

Once your generator is installed, it requires regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and is required under the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. This is true of all generators, no matter the brand or type. And, while you can do a few things yourself to improve your generator’s performance, you must have a professional generator technician come out to perform generator maintenance in Delray Beach or surrounding South Florida at least once a year. At Assurance Power Systems, we typically recommend two or more visits from a technician a year to make sure everything is running as expected.

You made your initial investment in your generator when you purchased it. Why wouldn’t you want to continue investing in it, ensuring it remains operational throughout the entirety of its lifespan? Assurance Power Systems makes it simple, especially with our maintenance membership options. Call us now at (561) 816-2192 to learn more!

Benefits of Generator Maintenance

Generator maintenance in Delray Beach and the surrounding communities has numerous benefits, including the following:

Get the Most out of Your Generator

Your generator will not run to its full capacity if you don’t perform regular maintenance on it. Poor or infrequent maintenance also will likely reduce the lifespan of your generator, meaning you will have to replace it sooner, upping your long-term costs.

Catch Problems Early

When you need repairs, a regular maintenance check from a professional will catch this before the problem worsens. You won’t wind up with as many emergency scenarios, and it’s less likely that any issues will escalate, turning into pricey problems.

Develop a relationship with a provider

When you regularly work with a generator service company like Assurance Power Systems, you can develop an ongoing relationship. We even offer maintenance memberships, which include perks like discounts on parts and preferred services.

Trusted Generator & Electrical Service Providers

Assurance Power Systems has provided excellent service to South Florida residents and businesses since 2005. We continue to uphold our high standards, whether we’re offering repairs, maintenance, or installations. Our services are provided by our employees, and we do not subcontract out our work.

When you need assistance, count on Assurance Power Systems to provide reliable service with a personal touch.

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What is a Generator Exercise?

A home standby generator is programmed to run and exercise on a recurring schedule (often weekly or bi-weekly). During this time, your generator will perform a system check to ensure the key components of its system are functioning correctly and ready to delivery reliable backup power when you need it most. This also helps remove any water moisture from the oil and help seals and bearings stay properly lubricated to promote longevity and performance of your standby generator.

When a generator exercises, you will hear it running without your home having lost power. Should the generator not exercise please reach out to your team at Assurance Power Systems to get the issue diagnosed.

Exercising your generator is just one piece of generator maintenance that the experts at Assurance Power Systems recommend. By running your generator regularly, you can identify problems and know when it’s time for generator maintenance in Delray Beach, FL.

Additional Tips For Safety & Maintenance

Our maintenance agreements include a wide array of services bundled together into a simple plan. For a full list of services performed during our standard maintenance and tune-up appointments, see below. Click here for more information about our maintenance plans, available in three different tiers.

Maintenance Checklist

Inspect Control Panel

Pre-Start Transfer Switch Checks

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