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4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Circuit Breaker Panel

Here in South Florida we see everyday all the new construction going up as more and more people flock from the North to the sun and palm trees of the Sunshine state. However not everyone is buying the new homes and condos but are instead buying older homes with hopes of bringing them a bit further into the 21st century. Quite often the problems with this scenario is that these older homes have electrical wiring that are not suited for newer appliances and electrical needs.

In general, most of the older homes have circuit breakers that were built to have a working life of only about 25 to 40 years, so if you purchased a home that built that long ago chances are it’s about time to consider a replacement. Not replacing older panels but requiring them to support the electrical demands of such modern appliances as Electric Vehicle Chargers and other appliances that struggle to support the demands of modern appliances, which quite often results in electrical risks.

So here are 4 very important reasons that you should consider replacing your old circuit breaker.

  1. Your electrical panel is over 30-40 years old. As we previously mentioned if your Electrical panel is approaching it’s 40th birthday it’s best to consider replacing it. Older circuit breaker panels just can’t support the electrical demands of modern appliances while newer panels can help prevent electrical hazards.
  2. You see visible signs of significantly worn panel. Electrical panels that have quite possibly reached the end of their useful life quite often let you know in fairly obvious ways. How many times has your circuit breaker tripped when turning on certain appliances. They may often begin tripping more and more frequently. The circuit breaker may also not stay in the reset position after you try to reset it. More ominous is when you begin to hear that crackling electrical spark sound coming from that older electrical panel. You may also begin to smell an odor of something burning and the exterior of the electrical panel becomes warm to the touch. Finally, an obvious symptom that an older panel needs to be replaced is when you turn on an appliance and lights in your home begin to flicker or dim. These are definite signs that it may be time to replace your panel.
  3. You want to add more breakers for other appliances or even an EV charger but there are no more breaker expansion slots available. Trying to add more appliances than a circuit breaker can handle is a recipe for disaster. Electrical panels generally come with additional slots      for expanding the number of circuit breakers it can hold. When you run out of slots to put in additional circuit breakers and you begin loading up other breakers with too many appliances, its time to upgrade the panel.
  4. You have decided to add to your existing home. Sometimes you have a home you love and just decide to add on to it or modernize. This may be in the form of a pool heater, tankless water or perhaps        exchanging that small air conditioner to a bigger central air conditioning unit.  You may be adding a load to your current electrical panel that it was just not designed to handle. Figuring out how much more your energy needs are going to be requires a bit of calculation and should be done by a licensed electrician. You need to make sure that your electrical panel can safely handle the increase in amperage needed. An licensed electrician is trained to do these calculations and take into consideration your current and future needs.

At Assurance Power Systems, we are those experts. One of our expert licensed electricians will come to your home and assess your electrical panel and calculate what panel will best fit your needs.  Contact Assurance Power Systems in Delray Beach today at (561) 235-7703 

When you’re in need of an experienced electrician, whether you need an outlet repaired, a surge protector installed, or a panel upgraded or any other electrical job or inspection, Assurance Power is the trusted name in South Florida for all your electrical needs.

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