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5 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Home Generator in South Florida

Why you NEED a Generator
In a world where we rely more and more on electricity, the grid is aging rapidly, catastrophic weather events are increasing, so can you really live without a backup generator?  We don’t think so!  We value your security, safety and comfort and have developed solutions to give you the confidence you need no matter what life throws your way.  Our Generac home generators may be just the thing to ensure the safety and security of your family and business.
Here are – 5 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Home Generator in South Florida
1. Power Outages Are Inevitable
Today, America’s electrical grid can be described as a patchwork of outdated technology. Inspired by designs created by Thomas Edison in the late 1800s, a majority of the backbone of our power grid as we know it today was created after World War II using technology popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s. While the modernization of America’s electrical grid has already begun, it will be a continuous process that takes many years and requires cooperation from every state. To put it simply, our power grid is outdated, combine this with tendency for South Florida to be hit by severe storms, home generators have become a necessity.
2.  Life Without Power Sucks
There’s just no other way to put it.  Long power outages have a much bigger impact than most people realize, certainly more than just the inconvenience that accompanies short, hour-long outages. The inevitable need for alternative lodgings, food sources, and repairs that follow an enduring loss of power can leave your wallet as empty as your refrigerator. If your home is affected by a power outage, as well as the homes of your family and friends, your only option to retain important things like air conditioning, heating, and security, is to pack up and head to a hotel. This is easier said than done as about a million other people may have the same idea.  Getting a hotel room may be almost impossible, and if you are lucky enough in finding a hotel during a blackout, it isn’t just potentially dangerous due to the possibility of downed phone lines or stop lights, but also expensive as rates can be inflated.
3.  Standby Generators Have Never Been More Affordable
Investing in the installation and maintenance of a residential standby generator can guarantee comfort, security, and peace of mind when the rest of your neighborhood has gone dark. Recent technological advances from companies like Generac Power Systems allow you to power more with smaller generators.  By managing your electrical loads during power outages, we can design an automatic standby generator system that doesn’t break the bank. 
4. Food will not spoil
Do you have a large family that requires lots of food? A standby home generator will help to ensure the safety and protection of your most crucial commodity. With a standby home generator your power will continue and your refrigerator and freezer will continue running while your foods remain fresh or frozen.  Remember why before every major storm in South Florida there is a run on the markets. Not only will stores close, but it could be a while before they are restocked.
5. Generators minimize business losses
For the majority of businesses, if your power goes out, your ability to make money is severely limited and you may even lose some business to competitors who are still up and running. This goes for both large companies such as the food distributors or even the homebased business that can’t afford any extended downtime. A standby home generator can keep your workflow continuous, and whether you are a lawyer, computer programmer or a stay at home mom with a homebased business, you can be sure that the expert staff at Assurance Power Systems can design the perfect home generator for your needs.
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