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Can I Power My Home With a Generator?

In a world that is electronically driven, a power outage cannot only be an inconvenience, but it can be dangerous as well. We rely on electricity for our everyday needs. It is important to have a consistent means of power for everything from refrigerating our food, to health needs, to home safety. With the threats of power outages due to both the over usage of electricity by a community and weather related incidences (especially in South Florida!), it is important for you to have a home backup generator. Spending the extra money on a reliable back up system now could save an incredible amount in the long run. Not only monetarily, but in the reassurance of comfort and safety in your home.
So, if you’re asking yourself, “can I power my home with a generator?” The answer is a resounding “yes” when you call the experts at Assurance Power Systems!

How Do Home Backup Generators Work?
Home backup generators come in many different brands and fueling methods. The most efficient operation for a private homeowner is to have a home backup generator powered by either natural gas or liquid propane (LP Fuel) – not a portable or diesel model – depending on your needs for run time and availability of natural gas in your area. Generac generators offers both natural gas and liquid propane options that immediately detect a power outage and automatically deliver backup power to your home via the generator and automatic transfer switch that are professionally installed to your home’s wiring. The generator will continue working until power returns. These systems can seamlessly deliver power for up to 2 weeks during an outage regardless of if it was weather related or due to faulty equipment.
Generac Home Generators
At Assurance Power Systems, we sell Generac brand generators because of their reliability and overall quality. Generac home generators are American made and are the most popular brand on the market for residential homes. They account for approximately 70% of all generators sold. These home backup generators come in a large variety of sizes and hookups to fit the needs of your house. They will support anywhere from 1,000 ft2 – over 10,000 ft2, taking the worry out of a power outage situation and allowing daily life to continue automatically. Home backup generators not only provide reassurance to homeowners, but also increase the resale value and security of your home.
It is likely that between the growing reliance on electronics, expected hard hitting South Florida storms in the years to come, and an aging population that is less tolerant to days spent without power that homes with backup generators will more than double in the next 10 years. Choosing a standby generator from the number one brand, Generac, adds to the reassurance that you have a reliable electricity source in your time of need.

Things to Consider When Buying a Home Backup Generator
When picking a home backup generator in South Florida, there are many factors to think about. It is important to look at the labels on your most crucial everyday electronics. This would include lighting, appliances and other equipment you would need to rely on in the event of an outage. A good rule of thumb is to choose a generator that provides more electricity than you expect to need in order to run your lighting, appliances and equipment. Otherwise you run the risk of having to stagger usage during the outage or potentially running out of power for a prolonged period. To ensure your home backup generator is properly sized and appropriate for your load, contact the South Florida professionals at Assurance Power Systems at (561) 867-4041.

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