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Home Generators FAQs

Customers looking for home generators frequently ask questions about safety, reliability and cost, so they are not caught unprepared.
At Assurance Power Systems, we want to make sure homeowners feel confident in their homes, by offering the best in backup power systems. If you’re ready to buy a generator, reach out to us today at (561) 867-4041.
If you’re considering a home generator, FAQs like this can help clear some common roadblocks in trying to figure out your power needs.
FAQ: What size of generator will I need for my home?
Figuring out how much power you’ll need when an outage occurs can be tough. In general, it’s good to think about what essential items are ‘must power’ versus what items are nice to have.
Check out our Generator Buying Guide (link to generator buying guide) to find the best standby generator for your home. This interactive guide will ask six questions about your home and power needs. This should make answering home generators FAQs a bit easier.
FAQ: Home generators, how noisy are they?
Generators are power by an engine much like the one in your car. On average, standby generators produce between 62 to 72 decibels of sound when they’re up and running. Though newer models on the market use enclosures, exhaust and muffler systems designed to lower engine noise.
FAQ: How does a standby generator work in a power outage?
Standby generators will automatically start providing power to your home within 10 to 20 seconds of detecting an outage. This occurs thanks to an automatic transfer switch that is separately installed in your house. This acts as your generator’s “eyes” as it monitors the electricity in your home to ensure that it’s ready to switch the standby unit if power is lost. This is also what switches your house back to the power grid when the outage is over.
FAQ: Home generators seem expensive, how much will they cost?
The total costs will depend on the size of your generator and the overall installation process. This can include preparing the generator site and connecting your generator to your home’s gas line. $6,000 is often a cited starting price for a home generator installation.
Many homeowners find that having a standby generator installed increases the value of their homes by several thousand dollars, especially for homeowners who live in outage-prone areas.
FAQ: Home generators appear not to include a battery, do I need to buy one?
Many models of standby generators are not shipped with a battery, for safety reasons. This may mean that you might have to purchase one separately, especially if you are ordering your generator online. If you use a local installation service, technicians will help provide support and maintenance service for your home generator.
FAQ: What is the difference between an air cooled and liquid cooled generator?
Air cooled generators are smaller units that feature fans to cool down the generator’s engine. Liquid cooled radiators are bigger units that feature a contained radiator system which cycles coolant through the engine, similar to a car engine.
FAQ: Home generators can automatically turn on, but what happens when the power comes back?
Most generators are set up to keep running for an additional minute or more after power comes back to your home from your utility. It’s a precautionary step that not only makes sure that the electricity from the utility is stable, but also lets the home generator cool down before it shuts off.
FAQ: Home generators are placed outside in the elements, what kind of maintenance do they need?
Annual maintenance is recommended for all generators. Homeowners should regularly change the oil and filter to keep the engine working properly, and the generator’s housing free of debris. Look at your home generator’s FAQs and maintenance sections in the owner’s manual to find the recommended oil, parts, and schedules for services. It’s also good to ask if maintenance is included in the generator’s warranty.
Big investments need quality service
Residential generators are a huge investment to protect your home from the damage of power loss. Find a local service that can answer your home generator FAQs while providing quality service and maintenance throughout the lifespan of your generator. For homeowners in South Florida, Assurance Power Systems has qualified experts in the top generator brands. Contact us today at (561) 867-4041.

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