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The Benefits of Owning A Generator

Why Own a Generator

Prepare for hurricane season and unforeseen incidents with a generator that will light up your home, even when the power goes out. Discover why a generator is a wise investment that will give back to you for years to come.
Keep Power Access

While the rest of the block loses power, your lights and appliances will stay on. Your usual routine will not be disrupted when you own a generator.

Vector of Hand Holding House
Stay Safe at Home

A power outage may mean losing access to medical devices, modes of communication, and security systems. But, with a generator, you will remain safe.

Peace of Mind

A generator ensures you will remain comfortable, even in the middle of a storm. Know that you can rely on a backup power source in times of crisis.

Trust, Safety & Assurance

The benefits of owning a generator are many, especially when you live in a location with an annual hurricane season, like Delray Beach. Looking at data from the last 20 years, Florida has had more households affected by power outages than any other state, predominantly caused by natural disasters. Finding a partner for generator services in Delray Beach and other South Florida towns is key to your safety and comfort during hurricane season. Alternatives like battery back-ups or solar power do not have the same reliability, functionality, and long-lasting power as a standby generator. A battery will drain within a matter of days, as will solar power or a Powerwall, especially if it is stormy and raining. A generator is built to last you through a power outage, even if it continues for days on end. Furthermore, while a generator is an investment, it is a more cost-effective solution than a solar installation.
When the power goes out, a generator will do the following:

Selecting Your Generator

A generator is a meaningful investment and the selection process is important. That’s why the team of experts at Assurance Power Systems guides you through it. Give us important information, like the size of your home, and we’ll suggest options for generators that meet your needs.

Our Generator Buying Guide only takes a few minutes to fill out and will start you on the path to choosing and installing a new generator.

Find the Right Generator With Our Buying Guide

If you’re struggling to choose a generator, we have a solution.
Our buying guide consists of simple questions that will narrow down your options before you connect with an Assurance Power Systems team member.

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