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How Loud are Power Generators?


One of the most frequent questions we get concerning the purchase of a standby power generator is “how loud are power generators?” Which is often followed by the question “how can we make it quiet?”  All very fair questions, but the first question that you should be asking about is what size generator you require to keep those devices and appliances running that will ensure your family or business is both safe and secure. Many of the quality power generators come enclosed with their own sound dampening box, but in addition to size you should understand that there is a significant difference in decibel levels between air cooled and liquid cooled generators.


Decibels are a measurement of sound and for reference, an average central air conditioning unit should be in vicinity of 68 decibels (dB’s) when heard from a distance of about 20 to 25 feet away. Many quality power generators in the 20 kW range manufactured by companies such as Generac and Kohler will have a decibel level in the same range as the central air conditioning unit, give or take a few decibels. Not usually enough to annoy your neighbors who will more than likely be asking you for some assistance in the event of a power outage.


Air-cooled generators are just that, cooled by air forced across the engine by fans, this type of power generator is generally used to back-up your most essential circuits and not necessarily your entire house, although they certainly can do that as well. They are not normally the quietest choices as they require constant air flow to cool the engine and therefore are not normally fully enclosed.


The larger standby power generators are most often liquid cooled using an enclosed system much in the same way that your car’s radiator cools off your engine. Because of the size of these larger generators a more powerful cooling system is in order, and because the cooling system is self-contained, the generator is enclosed in a sound dampening box. 


So when asking the questions about how loud are power generators? The answer often lies in what is it going to be used for. Liquid cooled generators are quieter than air cooled power generators. Larger generators are generally liquid cooled and those used for residential use normally meet the noise restriction standards of most communities. Assurance Power Systems has a vast selection of power generators that will not only be appropriate for your emergency power needs, but will keep your neighbors from complaining as well!


Call the Experts at Assurance Power Systems to go over you needs and concerns and develop a plan that will make certain your family or business is safe and secure should the power go out when you need it most.


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