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Top 5 Critical Facilities That Need An Industrial Generator

Today, it seems like almost nothing can get accomplished without consistent access to electric power. It’s a necessity for work, entertainment, comfort, and other daily activities we’ve become accustomed to. So when the power goes out, it’s not just inconvenient, it’s disruptive as well. However, no one is affected by a loss of power greater than critical facilities.
Critical facilities are ones that are absolutely essential for community protection and welfare. They are often higher-security in comparison to most other buildings, and include hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency dispatch centers, and even prisons. While it is very important for people to have backup power for their homes and businesses during an outage, critical facilities are actually legally required to be equipped with backup power systems so that they are never, under any circumstances, without power.
The availability of industrial standby generator systems in the healthcare industry is inarguably a necessity, especially since power outages are usually sudden and unpredictable. As mentioned in a previous post, it is out of the question for any healthcare facility to lose power, even for a moment. If a hospital suffered any disconnection or loss of electricity without instantaneous backup power, the lives of patients in need of electronically assisted care are put at risk. This is why it’s a priority for hospitals to keep machines like monitors, oxygen pumps, and life support devices operational via immediate backup power in the face of an outage or failure. Endangering the lives of patients by being unprepared is simply not an option.
Police Stations
Standby generator power systems like industrial generators are fundamental for emergency response operations. In fact, emergency power is required by various codes for any services that are essential for human safety. In order to respond to any emergencies called in during a grid failure, police stations must be equipped with a backup industrial generator to power their utilities and maintain communication for the continuance of operations. This includes building lights, ventilation, phones, computers, radios, holding rooms, the dispatch center, and even the records division. Without backup power, police stations would be cut off from their community and rendered unable to perform their duties during an outage.
Fire Stations
Fire stations are another example of a critical facility that must always stay connected to a power supply. Like police stations, fire stations depend on power to keep the building and its operations running. Standard building appliances include heating, ventilation, and refrigeration; necessary ones include lighting for the offices and truck bay areas, bay door control, and accessibility to the truck bay areas. Moreover, power is needed for radios and other means of dispatcher correspondence. Without a backup power system like an industrial standby generator, fires could not be reported to the station’s firefighters, leaving civilians in danger.
Emergency Dispatch Centers
Backup power generator systems, especially those enhanced with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), are probably more critical for dispatch centers than for any other emergency response operation. Dispatch centers are the eyes and ears of the general populace, so if their connection to the community is severed as a result of a power outage, they and anyone in need of immediate assistance will be left in the dark. Emergency power plays a crucial role in the continued operation of dispatch center radios, phones, computers, and data collection. Regardless of whether or not police and fire stations were online, if their respective dispatch centers have no means of reaching them or even receiving calls for help, emergency operations would come to a halt. Industrial backup generators are the best solution for emergency dispatch centers to maintain communication with their community and other critical facilities.
When people think of facilities that should never be without power, they often think of the previous examples. Prisons, however, hardly ever come to mind even though their uninterrupted operability is just as important. After all, prisons are filled with people who might jump at the opportunity to escape if certain security measures fail due to a lack of power. In addition, prisons rely on power for their ventilation systems, so losing it means that air gets cut off from the facility, dropping oxygen levels dangerously low. To prevent these dangers, almost all prisons are equipped with multiple industrial-sized generators that tie into the electrical system and gas line for instant backup power in the event of a blackout.
Everyone should be prepared for power loss, but critical facilities like hospitals, police stations, fire departments, emergency dispatch centers, and prisons are required by law to stay operational. The application and regular maintenance of automatic backup power systems is the best way to ensure that power is provided the moment the grid goes down. At Assurance Power Systems, our list of clients for whom we provide assurance in the form of unbeatable industrial generator installation, repair, and maintenance services include the cities of Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, the American Red Cross, and CBS 12 News West Palm Beach. If you have any additional questions or would like to find out about obtaining an industrial generator of your own, call us today at 561-944-8589.

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