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3 Accessories That Every Standby Generator Needs

A standby generator is one of the most fundamental pieces of machinery that a person can invest in for the protection of their home or business. It can supply power in the event of an outage, during an emergency, and in response to a poor connection to the power grid. In any case, there are a number of basic accessories available that increase the ease of use, quality, and durability of operating a commercial or residential generator. Below is a list of the three most essential accessories for standby generators.
1. Automatic Transfer Switches
Transfer switches are one of the most important components of a backup generator system. It’s the switch that turns off the electricity feed from the utility grid (if it is rendered unable to supply power) and switches on the line that delivers electricity to the generator. The transfer switch can also reverse this process by connecting a home or business back to the grid when power is back online.
There are two types of generator transfer switches: manual and automatic. A manual transfer switch requires someone to adjust the switch’s position in order to initiate a change in power source. This can be inconvenient and even dangerous if the person has to go outside in the middle of a storm to turn on the standby generator. An automatic transfer switch, on the other hand, engages the generator the moment that it senses a loss of power, without the need for human intervention.
Every backup generator, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, should have an automatic transfer switch. Between automatic and manual switches, the automatic transfer switch is considerably more convenient and safer to use.
2. Mufflers
Electricity is not the only thing that standby generators produce a great deal of. Unfortunately, many generators also make a lot of noise when active. Most stationary models already come with mufflers to fix this, but the effectiveness of different integral noise reducers vary.
As such, owners have the option to further reduce generator noise through the application of a more customized muffler that performs to their personal standards. Generally speaking, specialized mufflers offer superior noise reduction capabilities when compared with built-in mufflers, making them a considerably useful backup generator accessory. 
It is important to keep muffler sizes in mind, since different muffler models are made for different generator sizes, and must be fitted properly. If you need help determining which muffler is suited to your particular generator, call Assurance Power Systems today!
3. Generator Maintenance Kits
Maintenance kits are a must-have for a majority of large machinery, and standby generators are no exception. Regular maintenance is essential for the optimal function and longevity of backup generators, and so a maintenance kit is an accessory that every generator owner should have handy. Kits vary from generator to generator, and are normally designed and tested for use with specific models, but most kits contain any combination of the following items: 

Extra Oil
Oil Funnel
Oil Filters
Air Filters
Spark Plugs

Every generator should have a maintenance kit outfitted with the proper backup tools for generator preservation. Having a small supply of these and other generator parts in a maintenance kit contributes greatly to the longevity and optimization of generator performance. If you find that your generator is experiencing an issue that is outside of your comfort zone, call an expert at Assurance Power Systems at (561) 867-4041 to learn more about our maintenance services.
Standby generators are an essential part of any home or business, just as the three basic accessories explained above are an important component to property maintaining the generator. Whether it’s to make usage easier, quality better, or your generator last longer, Assurance Power Systems can install, maintain, and repair any generator component. If you have any questions about your generator or generator accessories, call Assurance Power Systems today at (561) 867-4041.

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